Salesforce Implementation

Our team also involves programming capabilities and development solutions. This is particularly important to create a consistent and precise migration to ensure little or zero data loss from your existing solution. Read more »

Data Migration

We have seamlessly integrated multiple on premise solution as well as custom integrations. Our teams deals with recordsets in the millions and are ready for even the most complicated requirements. Read more »

Business Process Design

Every single business is unique and it requires a unique solution to fit the organization. We can design the right fit for you. Read more »

Application Integration

The application integration enables to work more like an enterprise solution than any other CRM solution on the market today. Read more »

Application Design

Digital Marketing Solutions LLC has over a decade of programming experience, designing web applications for production environment use. Using existing languages like PHP, XML, or newer languages like AJAX and DHTML, we have developed business applications that not only interact well with your customers, but integrate well into your business intelligence as well. We design every solution to grow with your organization. Read more »

Data Migration

Training is commonly the most overlooked component of the implementation process, but in most cases is the most critical. Our Enterprise solutions require buy-in and user adoption which only comes from proper training and a desire to be more productive. Read more »

Administration Support

Digital Marketing Solutions LLC is there when you need us most. We are committed to helping businesses increase their productivity and reduce the cost of enterprise computing. Read more »

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